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The Problem

Researchers around the world struggle to process the burgeoning amount of data produced annually due to the exponential increase in technology and data output. Using iPhronesisTM Cognitive Workbench, researchers can improve productivity and increase their quality of work, in a significantly shorter period of time.

iPhronesisTM Cognitive Workbench:

Increases Quality ICW icon
Improves Productivity ICW icon
Eliminates nearly 50% of time spent on ICW icon
document review

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Nearly 1 billion publications currently exist

ICW icon

4,000 publications published EVERY day

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On average, researchers spend 20 minutes screening a paper for quality & relevancy

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Once a paper is deemed relevant, a researcher can spend up to 2 hours+ reviewing its full contents

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A single researcher can spend weeks or months reviewing publications for a single project

How it works

Using a simple, easy-to-use interface, iPhronesisTM Cognitive Workbench acquires data from multiple sources, connecting to public and private (internal) data using our automated Cognitive Crawler - or through manual upload. "ICW" quickly, distills, and organizes your data, using our powerful Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, turning it into visually actionable knowledge.


Data Acquisition

  • Documents
  • Scientific Data
  • Patents
  • Publications

Document Scrutiny

  • Scrutinize
  • Review
  • Assess

Knowledge Curation

  • Extraction
  • Validation
  • Curation
  • Visualization

Knowledgebase Creation

  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Clinical drug discovery
  • Patent formulation

Advantages of iPhronesisTM Cognitive Workbench
for Lab Directors, Data Curators and Scientists

  • Advanced Discovery. Answer questions and discovers knowledge instantly from sources like scientific literature, EHRs, patents, clinical trial data and more.
  • Domain Specific Content & Ontologies. >200 million domain-specific ontological concepts are included in “ICW”.
  • Leverage multiple data sources. Use your own data or connect to >100 public data sources, with more added daily.
  • Flexible & Easy-to-Use. Import data easily. Drag & drop your document, or select one of the included public data sources.
  • Intuitive. iPhronesisTM will predict your keywords with its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.
  • Scalable. Process a few documents…or millions of documents.
  • Quality and Accuracy. Your data is improved by the Deep Machine Learning (ML) algorithms every time you use the workbench.

The Technology Behind


Natural Language Processing summarizes structured and unstructured information using natural language and contextually sensitive searching algorithms to discover hidden relationships in your data.


Machine Learning uses advanced algorithms to create a 'learning' feedback loop that continuously updates and improves the quality and accuracy of your results, every time you refine the data output.


Ontologies are a set of concepts in a subject area or domain, that reveals properties and relationships between concepts. iPhronesisTM provides more than 200 million ontologies and counting to ensure domain specificity of your results. See the chart below, for an example of ontologies embedded in iPhronesisTM.


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