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iPhronesis® makes understanding the immense diversity and application of microorganisms easy.

The immense diversity of microorganisms is a major hindrance to understanding the biology and application of these organisms. iPhronesis can accelerate microbiome understanding and product development by generating insights about microbial pathways antibiotic interactions, and novel modes and mechanisms-of-action.

Using iPhronesis’ proprietary Cognitive Text Mining technology researchers can stay on top of new publications automatically.

Bioinformaticians can create and publish complex analysis pipelines using the iPhronesis visual pipeline manager. Automation of Microbiome data analysis pipelines has never been easier.

Users can connect to hundreds of different Microbiome data sources using included pre-built data connectors.

Complex data can be visualized to identify hidden relationships through an extensive visualization library including integration with QIMETM 2.

Use Cases/Applications:

  • Microbiota Characterization
  • New Therapeutic Offering Discovery
  • Mode & Mechanism of Action
  • Microbial Pathway and Antibiotic Interaction

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