Visual Pipeline Manager

The iPhronesis Visual Pipeline Manager is a graphical scientific authoring and publishing engine that simplifies the development of complex pipelines (workflows) and automates data analysis, enabling users to rapidly explore, analyze, visualize, and report results.

Using the iPhronesis Visual Pipeline Manager you can:

Accelerate the development complex data analysis pipelines thanks to the visual (drag-n-drop) interface.

Publish pipelines so they can be executed by end users.

Define user parameters and restrictions on a pipeline-by-pipeline basis; ensuring published pipelines are secure

Extend functionality by importing your own algorithms, tools and custom code. The iPhronesis Visual Pipeline Manager supports Python, Perl, & Java.

Extend pipelines to include complex visualizations

Easily track and manage user jobs and compute resources using the built-in Job Management Portal.


Pipelines built on the iPhronesis platform are portable. iPhronesis supports the use of Common Workflow Language (CWL), which means pipelines (including every application version and parameter) can be exported and executed externally.

Integrated Data Analysis Tools

iPhronesis combines a graphical  drag-n-drop visual workflow editor with a library of hundreds of data analysis tools for advanced genomic, proteomic, and microbiome analysis. If the included do not meet your needs, iPhronesis allows you to easily import your own proprietary algorithms so they can be incorporated into current and future workflows.

Command Builder

Bioinformatics pipelines are at times complex and comprise a mix of standard and custom code, so that you may get maximal performance from your pipelines. Accurate configuration of pipelines is essential, which is generally accomplished by setting up accurate execution parameters. iPhronesis Visual Workflow manager provides a command builder that allows for coding the invocation commands and precise parameter settings for each and every command in your pipeline, should such customization be required. In addition, global parameters such as JobID, user directory, output directory and logs are all accessible from the command builder, allowing you to override system defaults and provide specific user defined code.

Custom Code

iPhronesis Visual Workflow manager allows for embedding your custom code into any pipeline. The custom code module is an interface that will allow for inserting any custom code which is often the case in complex bioinformatics pipelines. Python, Perl and Java are supported as custom code. This allows a bioinformatician to “wrap” other pipeline components while applying customization logic to the generated outputs. This is a common requirement for proteomics and genomics workflows where rapid accurate movement of data between various algorithms is required.



Perhaps most important, once a pipeline is built—it can be published and shared for use throughout the enterprise. This ability provides an enhanced layer of security and reproducibility with ‘lock-able’ pipelines that cannot be changed by end users.


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