iPhronesis Ai Platform

The Technology Behind iPhronesis Ai

What is advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing summarizes structured and unstructured information using natural language and contextually sensitive searching algorithms to discover hidden relationships in your data.

What is advanced Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine Learning uses advanced algorithms to create a 'learning' feedback loop that continuously updates and improves the quality and accuracy of your results, every time you refine the data output.

What are ontologies, and what is included with iPhronesis Cognitive Workbench?

Ontologies are a set of concepts in a subject area or domain, that reveals properties and relationships between concepts. iPhronesis AiTM provides more than 200 million ontologies and counting to ensure domain specificity of your results. See the chart below, for an example of ontologies embedded in iPhronesis AiTM.